A woman, smiling, in an office with her laptop open in front of her on a desk
Photo: Christina/Unsplash

I’m ten months into life as a freelance marketer, and I recently secured a new long-term client who barely knows me. I didn’t pitch to them, they don’t follow me on social media, and they haven’t seen my previous work.

They know me through a shared former client. Their exposure…

Two women in the workplace sitting on a windowsill and laughing
Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

My previous employer trained managers as coaches. I used this training to become a marketing mentor alongside my freelance marketing business. I’m now studying for a formal coaching qualification. An unintended but welcome consequence of my training is that it’s changed the way I approach marketing.

In a world where…

Veronica Wood Querales

Writing about marketing, careers and freelance life • Marketing consultant and mentor • intothewoodsmarketing.com

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